The format of a session will be specific to your goals and what we are looking to achieve from the sessions.

All session will include a warm up and a cold down. Each session will coach the exercises, overload the body and be progressive from the last session. 

Warm up - Will involve raising the heart rate to get the blood pumping to the muscles. Mobility exercises to improve your range of movement and basic body weight exercises to get the muscle's firing in the right sequence, so that you are ready to go.

Cool down - Aims to slowly reduce the heart rate. Working on mobility exercise to improve the range of movement in key areas of the body.

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Personal training goals

The following area can be covered in your sessions;

  • Health & Wellness
  • Training for an Endurance event
  • Body image & weight loss
  • Strength & conditioning 
  • High Intensity Training sessions (HIT)
  • Movement and mobility
  • Training Programs
  • Nutritional adrice