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One to ONe PT sessions

My sessions are design to be Fun, Challenging and Progressive.

They have two main objectives. Firstly ensuring that you are performing the exercises correctly. Secondly to motivate and influence you to make small tweaks to your lifestyle. These will be factors to consider after our sessions involving being more active and having better control of your diet. 

The four steps below will go through the process of my personal training sessions and will help you to achieve your goals.  

Step 1 - Get in contact with me for a free consultation 

Give me a call or drop me an email and we can arrange a time for a free consultation. We will then go through your gaols and what you are looking to achieve from personal training. For about 90% of people, it will be to look and feel better, which can be easily achievable with a bit of motivation and small tweaks to your lifestyle. 

STEP 2 - Book some personal training sessions

Have a look at some of PT packages and once you have chosen one that suits you, we are ready to start training. In the first session we will conduct an initial assessment and perform a benchmark workout, which will be based on your goals. This will provide a good start point that we can use to monitor your performance. It also allows me to gauge your fitness levels for the future sessions. 

STEP 3 - After our sessions

There is only so much we can achieve in a 1hr session this is why step 3 is probably the must important step. Put what we covered in our sessions into practise. This might just be small things like walking more often or eating less cookies. Because I am putting such a big emphasis on having perfect technique, hopefully when you go away and do some of the exercises yourself you will continue to have that perfect technique.

Step 4 - start seeing the results

The sessions will be progressive. So as soon as the body starts to coupe with the stressors put on it, we will then start to increase the stressors in order to continue seeing involvements.

Please get in contact with me if you would like to bring a friend along to a session.