Endurance programming

Whether you are running a 5km race or an 100km Ultra marathon there are a number of things worth considering. Based on my experience with endurance events and my knowledge through my degree, I can help you train, prepare and succeed with your endurance goal. Endurance programming will address the showing areas - aerobic capacity, strength and conditioning, running mechanics, hydration, nutrition, injury prevention and mental preparation.  

Aerobic capacity

Developing your aerobic capacity will ensure that oxygen is being efficiently delivered to the muscles. This will reduce the onset of fatigue. There are a number of different ways in which we can develop your aerobic capacity. The methods of developing aerobic capacity can be taught through my personal training session but also through a specific training program.  

VO2 Max test

Strength and conditioning 

It is important that the body is conditioned to the environment in which it is performing in. Strength and conditioning for an endurance event will involve creating a strong core and will look to develop muscular endurance. Exercises will taught through personal training sessions and developed through a specific strength and conditioning program.   

Benchmark strength and condoning workouts

Running mechanics

Having incorrect running mechanics can reduce your efficiency and increase the risk of getting injured.


The majority of your body is made up of water hence why hydration is such an important factor to consider when competing in an endurance event. Other things to consider are to over hydrate, which is actually a lot more common. It is important to stay hydrated during an event put also during training as it will aid with recovery. The pr

Sweat testing


Injury prevention 

Mental preparation